The choice of a builder is one the most important, if not THE most important choice in the whole building process.  It can mean the difference between an experience that is exciting, educational, and rewarding and one that is stressful, negative and costly. 

If several bids are involved, try to compare “apples to apples” as much as possible.  Look closely at specifications, energy efficiency, and allowances.   Consider the assistance you will be getting in terms of plans, design, finish selections, energy considerations, and the ability to have personal input. Is the builder is hands on and does he has experience building similar homes on similar lots?

 “How I wish we’d known you when we built our house” is something Claude and Jeanne have heard over and over, once people become familiar with the quality of their work.  They live within walking distance of many of their completed projects.  They have scores of people who can recommend them.

In a field within which you hear so many “horror stories”, Claude and Jeanne are very proud of the fact that they remain friends with everyone whose home they have built.